Bizarre Already Thinking About PGR5

quad.jpg PGR4 isn't even out yet, and already, Bizarre are thinking about PGR5. Where they've gone "wrong" with the current version, what they want to add to the next one, that kind of thing. Lead designer Ged Talbert:

Obviously Gotham 4's about to come out and we're really happy with it, but behind the scenes we've already started ripping our game to pieces. We know where we failed in certain areas; for instance we wanted more trackside damage, more particles and smoke effects, a bigger damage system - and all of these things are being stripped out in a post-mortem.

Other things they want to add next time are add off-road tracks and vehicles like quad-bikes. I'm down with quad-bikes. Bizarre: Deserts, ATVs for PGR 5 [CVG]


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