Blackbird Dedication Specs

dedicationblackbird.JPGSorry I didn't post the specs on the Blackbird with the last post, but the loaner they sent me seems to have a bad hard drive, ironic isn't it? And the site just went live with the options you can choose for building your own PC.

So far the only specs I could find on their site is for the limited run Dedication Edition of the desktop which comes with:Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6850 3.0 GHz Dual Nvidie GeForce 8800 Ultra CPU and dual GPU Liquid Cooling 15 in 1 Card Reader Voodoo Razer Gaming Mouse and Keyboard 1.1 Kilowatt Power Plat 10,000 RPM Raptor hard drive Five hard drive bays

All other Blackbirds will be very customisable meaning you can choose Intel or AMD, ATI or NVidia, Corsair, Hynix or Samsung memory and ASUS or Intel motherboards. The Dedication, which I couldn't find a price for, goes on sale on Sept. 15 and the rest of them on Oct. 1.


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