British Schoolkids Stave Off Obesity With DDR

ddrpad.jpg There have been a number of new stories about US schools using Dance Dance Revolution as a way to get kids who aren't into competitive sports or their required PE classes moving - now the Brits are getting in on the act. Despite the fact that the BBC couldn't be bothered to fact-check the name of the game title, they have a short piece on the use of DDR in Bedfordshire schools - they've just done trials, targeting its use towards girls who aren't interested in traditional sports:

Mellone Cutts is the head of PE at Lea Manor High School which took part in the trials.

"There is a number of students who we don't reach with competitive sports," she said.

"With more and more children becoming obese, one way we can help is by increasing participation in sport and this does that."

And who says video games have no redeeming value?

Computer dance gets pupils active [BBC News, thanks Daniel!]


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