Bumpy Trot 2 Trots 2 PS3 At TGS

bumpy_trot_2_ps3.jpgNeoGAF member "Massive Attack" used his falcon-like web site watching skills to dig up a tidbit of PLAYSTATION 3 news for next week's Tokyo Game Show. It appears that R-Type developer Irem will be showing a sequel to the original Bumpy Trot for Sony's next-gen console at the Makuhari Messe. While the original Western mech game, which came to the US of A as Steambot Chronicles, didn't exactly light up the sales charts, it was fairly well received.

Don't count on a European or North American release just yet, but we'll hopefully get our hands on it in Tokyo next week.

Bumpy Trot 2 [Irem via NeoGAF]


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