Call of Duty 4 hates puppies

Call of Duty 4 hates puppies

By far the best part of Chance Glasco’s demo of Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty 4 at Activate Asia this year was when he killed a dog.

Yeah, a dog.

Sneaking through Pripyat, Russia, all decked out in his sexy-looking Ghillie suit, Chance tried to snipe an enemy soldier in a nearby church bell tower. He fired about five shots. They all missed. The soldier was – expectedly – upset.

Seconds later, Chance was beset by troops and trained killer puppies. One of the animals jumped Chance, knocking his player to the ground. After a few chomps, Chance, with deadly precision, reached his hands up and snapped the creature’s neck. Objectively, it was an awesome bit of gameplay.

We found out later that the neck-snapping was completely unintentional, and, in fact, it was the one thing Activision had informed Chance he shouldn’t do.

We didn’t mind that he did, though.

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