Call Of Duty 4's Co-Op Might Come Later

cod4sas.jpgOn Sunday at the Activate Asia Pacific conference, Infinity Ward's Grant Collier was asked whether Call of Duty 4 would feature co-op. Guy couldn't manage a "no comment", he dropped the ball and got blathery:

Uh, no, I'm not really supposed to say anything about that... but I'm a big fan of Xbox Live and downloadable content.

When pushed a little further and asked whether that meant co-op would come later in the form of a download, he "grinned nervously". Hmm. I got two hands. On one of them, I'm thinking it's great that a game which may not have otherwise featured co-op can see it slotted in later down the line. On the other, though...this is a game that many will think should have featured co-op from the get-go. Those types won't be happy if they've got to pay further cash-money to have it implemented. Rumour: Online Co-Op Mode for Call of Duty 4 [Gameplayer]


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