Can You Find The Halo 3 Billboard In Akihabara?

halo_3_billboard_akiba.jpgMaster Chief certainly doesn't have the same influence that other video game heroes do in Japan. He's just another hideously designed robo-man in sea of crappy mecha. This billboard for Halo 3—the only one we've seen in Akihabara during our moments passing from ecchi bookshop to ecchi hobby store—got the same tender loving care we've come to expect from Japan when it comes to the Xbox 360.

This wasn't an intentionally poorly chosen shot, I promise. This is literally the best angle you get on the billboard outside Yodobashi-Akiba. You'd think that for the Japanese launch of Halo 3 that Microsoft could have thrown its weight around and had this pruned. Maybe for Halo 4.


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