Capcom Rides Wii Wave To Profit

capcom_profitz.jpgSome developers and publishers may piss and moan that Nintendo dominates sales charts, making it hard for third-parties to compete on the Wii and Nintendo DS. Not Capcom! They're turning competition lemons into profit lemonade, as the company's stock soared to highs not seen since its Onimusha 2 days. With a stock value boosted by "expectations sales" for Wii games, Capcom is laughing all the way to the bank. Sales of Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition are expected to exceed the company's expectations, according to the Credit Suisse Group in Tokyo.If Capcom continues to be successful on the Wii, don't be surprised if some of your favourite Capcom franchises suddenly find themselves making their way to the waggle wonder.

With Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and Zack & Wiki still to come, plus a rumoured return of Okami to the Wii, now might be a good time to talk to your broker about snagging some Capcom stock. One should keep in mind that I have absolutely no idea what the hell I'm talking about when it comes to investments and that all my money is tied up in cattle.

Capcom Shares Reach Five-Year High on Games for Wii [Bloomberg]


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