Carmack says “No” to Linux Rage

id_software_logo.jpgI spied this comment by id Software’s John Carmack yesterday on Slashdot, regarding the possibility of a Linux version of the developer’s recently announced Rage:

There is certainly no plans for a commercially supported Linux version of Rage, but there will very likely be a Linux executable made available. It isn’t running at the moment, but we have had it compiled in the past. Running on additional platforms usually provides some code quality advantages, and it really only takes one interested programmer to make it happen.

Essentially: no commercial support, but a Linux executable should appear.

Now I know Linux is uncharted territory for most, especially for gaming. Anyone out there a hardcore Linux gamer, and if so, what do you play? Oh, and WINE-emulated Half-Life doesn’t count.

Is id Abandoning Linux? [Slashdot]


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