Christian Bale Up for Solid Snake?

tn2_christian_bale_2.jpg According to game forum PS3Forums, the newest edition of UK lad mag Nuts [NSFW]has an interview with Batman Begins actor Christian Bale who apparently says he's in the running to play Solid Snake in the 2009 movie Metal Gear Solid. Not sure how valid this info i, because PS3Forums didn't have a link, and I can't find anything over than "Assess My Breasts" on the Nuts site. Which were spectacular. There's no mention of an interview with him, either. Still, Bale would be a good choice for Solid Snake as Kojima makes quirky games, and Bale's a quirky actor. And have you seen his facial hair? SOLID. Bale as Solid Snake [PS3Forums via N4G via Destructoid]


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