CoD4 Dev Likes Microsoft's English Better Than Sony's

eigo.jpg Communication is important. So when you're undertaking a massive project like developing a video game, the last thing you want to worry about is a language barrier. That, yes that, is why developer Infinity Ward says it has a better relationship with Microsoft than with Sony. According to the Call of Duty 4 studio's honcho Grant Collier:

With Microsoft we've got the advantage of them being an American company so our level of accessibility to them is much better than Sony.

I'm not disparaging Sony in any way, but it's just that they [Microsoft]speak English, we speak English. I know ten or fifteen guys over there and I can just call up and find out what new special sauce is coming around... I would really like to have that level of relationship with Sony. We're really pushing for that and it's a personal goal of mine to get there but I think there's very few companies that have that level of relationship with Sony. After we come out with CoD4 I hope that we'll be one of them.

I always thought that all internal Sony documents were in English and that all employees were required to have a better than average level of English proficiency. But what do I know? English lessons all around, Sony! Infinity Ward Interview [Next-Gen]


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