COD 4 Beta Download Issues

cod4box.jpgDespite the fact the Call of Duty 4 beta keys seem to be flowing like water, many people are reporting problems including downloading the beta itself. I have received many emails on the subject and the thread on the charlieoscardelta website is quite long with twenty one pages. It seems that in many cases the download doesn't happen at all and in some cases the download completes, but can't be played despite multiple tries at downloading. Other players report that once they get the game downloaded and start playing, they are consistently ejected from matches or their 360 freezes before they are taken to the match screen. Now of course we all know this is a beta and some problems are expected, but if you can't download the game, you can't play it and if you can't play it you can't give feedback. Currently, Infinity Ward has not responded to the issues, but gamers are starting to get angry and I can't say I blame them. Has anyone else been having these issues, and if so were you able to resolve them?


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