Codemasters Cancels DiRT TV Ads

dirtuk.gifWith Colin McRae's passing this past weekend, speculation arouse as to how Codemasters would handle the venerable rally game series named after the racing legend. While the future of the series is still in question, the are handling the PS3 release of DiRT with the utmost respect, cancelling a series of television ads for the game despite the fact that the title launches tomorrow in the UK.

"With consideration to and in agreement with McRae's family, there was a stop put on the TV ads that were planned to run on Sky channels at the weekend and through this week", said a spokesperson for Codemasters.

Well done, Codemasters. In a world where half the time such an event would be seen as a PR win, you showed some real class. Bravo.

Codemasters pulls Colin McRae ad campaign []


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