Codemasters Won't Edit Jericho After German "Ban"

britishsalute.jpgSo Germany's USK have refused Jericho classification, which effectively kills the game there since it can't be advertised (at all) or sold to anyone under the age of 18. Think Codemasters mind? They couldn't give a toss. A statement issued yesterday reads:

Following a review by the USK ratings board, which declined to give an official rating, Codemasters has decided not to change the artistic vision of the renowned author and filmmaker Clive Barker though cuts and extensive changes.

Codemasters respects Mr Barker's creative ideas, despite the German distribution and marketing consequences for the title. Therefore Codemasters will release the PC version of Clive Barker's Jericho in its original form on the 26th of October for adult gamers and Clive Barker fans.

Good on them. Overseeing appropriate content is one thing, but the USK are mad as hatters, so it's nice seeing a publisher telling them where they can cram it. Jericho Horrifies German Ratings Board [Next-Gen]


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