Correction's Officer Brags About Brutality On CoH Forums

taserinfo.jpgOne Portland Oregon corrections officer is in desperate need of correction, if his posts on the City of Heroes forums are to be believed. In a piece for the Portland Tribune, reporter Nick Bundick exposes the forum postings of David B. Thompson, which range from musings on the joy of tasering people to outright bragging about brutally beating a prisoner and then charging him for attacking him.

He also wrote, "I crushed a dude's eye socket from repeatedly punching him in it, then I charged him with menacing and harassment (of me)." Trafalgar then added, "he took a plea to get away from me. He shoulda picked somebody else to try and fight."

The article contains multiple links to CoH forum posts by Thompson, who reportedly only accesses the forums from his work PC, where he has posted 1,738 messages since January. A great deal of what Thompson has stated in the offending posts could be simple internet bravado, though the case of the eye-punching has been corroborated by police officials as an actual event involving a prisoner named David Michael Baker who wound up pleading guilty to attempted assault of a police officer.

Sheriff Bernie Giusto has launched a probe into the forum posts and related incidents, and if the police department doesn't discipline Thompson, Department of Public Safety Standards and Training director John Minnis is waiting in the wings.

Based on a reporter's characterisation of Trafalgar's posts, Minnis said, "it sounds similar to other cases we have reviewed and successfully prosecuted (for law-enforcement decertification)."

Now I understand that tensions can get high in an environment like a maximum security prison, but you don't needlessly beat people, and failing that you don't brag about it on the internet. They say forums bring out the worst in people, and if the allegations presented in the article prove to be correct, that saying has never been more accurate.

Jail worker investigated [Portland Tribune via Game Politics]


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