David Braben Not A Fan Of Manhunt 2, UK Ratings

giantbraben.jpgI'm a David Braben fan. Guy makes Elite, he gets me on his side for life. David Braben, though, is not a fan of the UK's BBFC ratings system. Not a Manhunt 2 fan, either, now you mention it.

...from what I've heard of Manhunt 2 (I haven't had the chance to play it), it is not the sort of game the industry should be making, as it is inevitably going to attract controversy.

While Manhunt 2 might have brought short term gain to Rockstar, it damages the reputation of the industry as a whole, long term. We do need a strong, consistent rating system, where 18 really means 18, and is enforced, and then it may be more acceptable to make such games, or to bring in an additional rating (as in the US) of Adults Only - which are only sold in very restricted places.

He makes a valid point on the ratings thing, but on Manhunt 2? Makes me want to see a truthful show of hands from people who have actually played the thing, start-to-finish. Manhunt 2 damages long-term rep of industry, says Braben [CVG]


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