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deadheadcase.jpgDead Head Fred's music is one of the highlights of the PSP title. Composed by Rod Abernathy and Jason Graves at Rednote audio, the score did an excellent job of capturing the atmosphere of Fred's alternative universe 1940's noir atmosphere. Well now Rednote and Lakeshore records are giving you an opportunity to capture the score for yourself, as the soundtrack to the game goes up on Apple's iTunes service today. The fifteen tracks represent over forty minutes of music, with styles ranging from spooky jazz to old-time country complete with banjo goodness. It really is an excellent collection of music. Even if you've never played the game I would recommended plugging Dead Head Fred into your iTunes search and listening to the previews of the tracks. Beautiful work.

Dead Head Fred Original Soundtrack Now Available On iTunes


Los Angeles, CA - September 18, 2007 - Rednote Audio ( and Lakeshore Records ( today announced the original soundtrack to the PSP®(PlayStation®Portable) third person action game Dead Head Fred™, developed by Vicious Cycle Software, Inc. and published by D3Publisher of America, Inc. (D3PA), is now available at the Apple iTunes® music store.

The Dead Head Fred Original Soundtrack includes nearly 40 minutes of music encapsulating the unique, often sublime atmosphere of the game's 'twisted noir' setting. Written and produced by veteran video game composers Rod Abernethy and Jason Graves, the game's eclectic score blends cinematic orchestrations with a dark panorama of jazz, southwestern guitar, ambient, rock fusion and other seemingly disparate music styles into a cohesive and alluring listening experience.

"When we went to Rednote Audio we already knew a lot about Dead Head Fred and Hope Falls but we didn't know what Fred's world sounded like," said Adam Cogan, Game Designer, Vicious Cycle Software, Inc. "Luckily, Rod Abernethy and Jason Graves at Rednote Audio did. They far exceeded our expectations and managed to create scores that are every bit as original and distinctive as Fred is."

Created specifically for the PSP®(PlayStation®Portable) system, Dead Head Fred draws players into an original 1940's inspired alternative universe where players experience an innovative and refreshing twist on action gameplay as cranium-impaired hero Fred Neuman, collecting, upgrading and strategically switching his head with the heads of enemies to battle through a story of revenge and redemption.

Mark Reis, Senior Sound Designer at Vicious Cycle Software, Inc., added "Working with Rod and Jason is always a joy and their contribution to Dead Head Fred added flavor and depth that complemented the sound design and voice acting. The edgy soundtrack is a perfect accompaniment to the twisted noir world of Dead Head Fred."

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