Denis Dyack? Honest Man.

Canada-Flag_285.jpg Silicon Knights honcho Denis Dyack wants you to know about Denis. He wants you to know that Denis is honest and calls 'em like he sees 'em. Denis Dyack doesn't lie! And neither does his Ontario-based company. Why, just ask Denis Dyack. He'll tell you all about him:

I think the games industry is challenging, but I'm always about telling the truth and saying it like it is. And that is a tough thing to do in this industry, as I'm sure you know. That's always been our way. We're often misquoted and misunderstood as a developer...

We're big believers in the truth. I'd rather be truthful than go unscathed, I guess. We're going to say some things and stand up for some things that we think are right, and we're going to seek justice when harm has been done - and that's the right thing to do, regardless of the consequences. We're going to do the right thing.

Denis Dyack, believer of truth, justice and the Canadian way. Dyack Interview [GameInformer via Sega Nerds]


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