Dojo Dump: Worst Week Ever

andross_barf.jpgThank baby Jesus and the Buddha and Miyamoto himself that I didn't stay up until the wee hours F5ing the official Super Smash Bros. Brawl web site because it was a total snoozer. No new character reveals, not a single picture of Zero Suit Samus, with only WarioWare nods to keep us interested. Get your double cappuccinos handy, prop up your eyelids with matches and try to remain conscious during this week's Dojo Dump.Monday: The second most exciting update, about Superspice Curry, was really only interesting due to fleeting moments of hunger. Tuesday: Assist trophy Andross and the Four Special Move Types are revealed starring Meta Knight. Wednesday: The Pokémon Trainer gets a run down of his Special Moves. Thursday: The act of Gliding, featuring Pit, is detailed. Friday: The awesome WarioWare stage is shown confirming that everything WarioWare related is indeed awesome.

Zzzzzz... *mumble* Wuzzat? What the fuck is going on? What are you doing here? Zzzzzz...


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