Drunk With Power

To: The Japanese Contingent From: Fahey Re: No time for Night Notes, Dr. Jones

Day 3. The gaming news have begun to accept me as one of their own. They've started to leave me alone with their young while they go out to hunt for life-sustaining readers. I'd like to thank you guys for giving me a hand running Faytaku today. It was really nice to see someone else's name popping up when I refreshed the page, and I think my readers really appreciate the fresh perspective you fellows in Japan provide. Incidentally, next time they hold the world's largest gaming trade show, could you maybe get them to schedule it so it doesn't leave me here writing a gajillion Halo 3 posts a day? You might want to bring Ashcraft along so he can translate.

What you missed: The Future Of Nintendo Power Is Future Microsoft Doesn't Ban Anyone, Film At Eleven PS3 Rumbles Again At TGS Famitsu Loves Halo 3 Death Metal Tribute To The Witcher What MGS4 Trailer Embargo?

And don't forget your own excellent pre-TGS coverage, which I'll let you guys round up since I am such a nice fellow. You guys enjoy the first day of TGS now, y'hear?


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