DS Scrabble Offers Naughty Help Suggstion To Stuck User

scrabbleletters.jpgHasbro's DS version of Scrabble contains a help function. If you're stuck for a word, the system can check your remaining letters, check open spaces on the board and, only after consulting the Chambers Official Scrabble Dictionary, give you a word. That's just what Belfast resident Zachary McAdam did the other day, when he was stuck with five letters and no idea how to use them. The game's suggestion? "Lesbo". For real. Seems the term can actually be found in the official dictionary the game uses, offensive or not, so with the dictionary copied wholesale, "Lesbo" came with it. Not particularly scandalous, then, just... interesting. I had no idea naughty words were in the official dictionary. If I had, I'd play a lot more Scrabble. Slang word shock on Scrabble video game [Belfast Telegraph, via Next-Gen]


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