Dual Shock 3 'Confirmed' For TGS

boomerang.jpgOh my god! Stop the presses! Do we even have presses? Anyway, according to the latest 1UP Yours podcast, Sony plans on unveiling the return of rumble at the Tokyo Game Show this week, with the Dual Shock 3 making an appearance on the show floor. If this is true it will no doubt spawn countless photographs of what will undoubtedly look just like the controller we are all used to anyway, but hey, it will rumble. Maybe we can create an animated GIF that shakes to help convey the full impact of the controller's appearance on the scene. Finally, after nearly a year on the market, we'll get a glimpse of the controller we should have had in the first place and will soon have the opportunity to pay an undisclosed amount of money for. Hit the link to listen to the nearly two-hour podcast for more information, or just if you are very lonely and crave the sound of guys talking. Oh, and ignore the boomerang pic, it just makes me giggle. 1UP Yours Podcast 9/14 - [1UP - Thanks Everyone!]


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