DualShock 3 Is Better, Yo

DSCF9348.JPG It's nice to have the rumble back. Really, really nice. The SixAxis feels very, I dunno, empty? But now that we know the DS3 is coming and some of us have even gotten hands on, how does it compare with the DualShock 2? Is the DS3 rumble better? According to Metal Gear Solid 4 producer Ryan Payton:

Absolutely, yeah. It feels better...

And Payton knows his controls — he's one of the guys responsible for making MGS4's more intuitive. All the games I played at TGS with the DualShock 3 added what the French call I-don't-know-what to games. Not a fan of the SixAxis, not a fan at all. DS3 Is Good [1Up]


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