Duel Love: Scrub That Boy!

scrubthatboy.jpgDespite rumours to the contrary, being the resident gay dude I do not enjoy wiping the sweat off of high school boys. But when I heard there was a game where you could do such a thing I had to go try it out, mostly because I just had to see what is was about and also because no one else wanted to.The game is called Duel Love and is actually made for girls to play on their DSs. The demo was extremely short but from what I could gather, the story involves you being a female transfer student who discovers a secret fight club for boys. The boys (who are surprisingly skinny) engage in various matches that cause them to start sweating. Some dialog is exchanged to the effect of "Boy I sure am tired and sweaty after all that working out". You're then taken to another screen showing the close up shot of the shirtless, skinny, hairless (and nipple-less) young man who appears to be fully naked although the picture crops off just above crotch. Some music plays and beads of sweat begin forming on his chest and arms which you then "wipe off" using the stylus.

The icon is a little hand with a rag and as you wipe him down we moans a little and after a certain number of sweat beads are wiped away, a little bell sound rings and the background colour changes. Once you've finished your arduous task you are rewarded with a bit of innocent flirtation from your boy who tells you "That was a great massage. Be sure you don't walk home alone. You know I could walk you home if you wanted". How sweet!

After that, the demo is over and it takes you back to the start screen. Not really a whole lot of action and I wasn't able to see this infamous "fight club". Literally the entire demo was wiping sweat. Odd to be sure and remarkably un-sexy. As I turned to leave I suddenly realised the game I had been playing was being shown above my head on a large screen and behind me was a quartet of young Japanese girls giggling into their hands. Oddly, when I returned to the press room and told the rest of the guys about the game they all did the same thing...


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