Dusk2Dawn Triggers Lockdown

cale-roster-sheet.jpgWhen the Earth's most powerful spaceship is invaded by pirates and a weapon system powerful enough to annihilate an entire planet is compromised, only one man can shut down the weapon arming terminals before it's too late. That man is Cale 'Trigger' Mollens. His haircut cries emo but the goatee and snarl ooze badass. In Dusk2Dawn Interactive's new FPS Lockdown, you'll play Cale as he works his way through 21 levels of fast-paced action while receiving help and advice from your fellow crew members. The game's twist? One of the crew members might be a traitor, so as the storyline unfolds you'll have to figure out who you can and cannot trust. An interesting concept if done well. Let's hope the writers for Lockdown are better than the character designers. The PC game should be hitting the UK either late this year or early the next, with other territories following after.


17th September 2007 - WHEN pirates attempt to take over the Earth's most powerful spaceship - which has enough firepower to destroy a planet - it is up to Cale Mollens, callsign 'TRIGGER' to lockdown the 20 terminals used to arm the ships weapon system.

Dusk2Dawn Interactive Limited (D2D) is pleased to announce LOCKDOWN, a first person shooter (FPS), which promises lots of frenetic shooting action elements and an explosive storyline that features a cast of characters who might be your best friends - or maybe one is a traitor.

Developed by StarFish Game Studios, the wholly owned subsidiary of D2D, players will take the role of Cale Mollens, a new recruit, recently assigned to be the 'trigger-man' on the Earth's most powerful spaceship.

The game features an explosive plot with some great movies throughout that help the story to take its many twists and turns.

"I'm really excited about the 'trust' element in this game," said Neil Cotton, Director at Dusk2Dawn Interactive Limited.

"Along the way the player will get helpful briefs and radio comms from fellow crew members, but one thing that should strike players quickly is: if this is the most powerful spaceship in the galaxy, how did the pirates get on board so quickly? Maybe there is a traitor in the ranks?

"The crew members will try to help in a situation, but they won't always give the right answer, however does that mean that they were trying to kill you, or were they simply wrong, maybe they're panicking under the pressure. That's for the player to work out!

"The script has been cleverly written to keep the player alert when taking advice."

The game will feature 21 levels and boasts some excellent characters to interact with.

LOCKDOWN will be competitively priced at RRP £14.99 and will be exclusively distributed and sold for D2D by Entain8 (details below).

D2D holds a global licence on LOCKDOWN, but will begin by publishing in the UK with other territories to follow very soon after. International enquiries should contact Entain8 at the details below.

A further 19 budget/campaign priced titles will be announced by D2D and have been scheduled by StarFish Game Studios for release under the Level Play brand during the latter part of 2007 and early 2008.


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