Dynasty Warriors 6 Hands-on Impressions

IMG_1366.JPGAs one would guess, any title marked as the sixth in a series probably isn't going to offer a whole new ballgame, despite Dynasty Warriors 6 adding swimming, climbing and destroying walls to the well-worn mix. In the demo level no swimming was to be had, but I did get to break a wall, which was sort of not that thrilling. Killing hundreds of guys with a combo that stretched across most of the stage was fairly engaging, on the other hand—but aside from the endlessness of the combo, that's the series' admittedly formulaic bread and butter in the first place. Graphics-wise, it's definitely easy on the eyes, even if it's not the prettiest game out there (I played the 360 version, for the record). Overall, it's fun—definitely familiar, but definitely fun.


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