EA Tiburon Employees Are So Crazy

kerazy.jpgSo what do the employees of the development studio responsible for yearly Madden goodness do to let off steam? The same thing most office workers do, only slightly bigger. The Orlando Sentinel has a story on the proud pranking tradition at EA Tiburon, detailing such capers as disassembling and reassembling a golf cart inside of a manager's office, filling a conference room with thousands of dollars worth of plastic balls, suitable for diving, and my personal favorite, brining in a contractor to plaster over a boss's door with drywall so it looks like it never existed. My favourite part of the article is when artist John Taylor explains how the insurance company that shares their office park feels about the pranksters.

"They hate us because we have fun and they don't and their bosses would never put up with the kind of crap we do," Taylor said. "They are all grownups. They are weak. We are cool. They're not."

Ooo, burn!

No time off from EA's cool capers [The Orlando Sentinel via Next Generation]


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