(Early) Rogue Galaxy Impressions

roguegalaxy.jpgI know, this came out in the US in January and in Japan last year, but here in PAL land? Only a few days ago. Which is why I got back from TGS to find Sony had sent me a copy of Rogue Galaxy. Good news? I'd been looking forward to this game! Bad news? It couldn't have come at a worse time, since I won't have a spare 100-odd hours until, oh, next year. Nevertheless, so far I've managed to plough through about 10-12 hours of it, and I like what I see.

The localisation is pretty good considering the profile of the title. Voice-acting is great, text translation is also great. The cel-shaded graphics are nice as well, as they really help tart up the ageing PS2 and give the game a slightly more...I don't know, timeless look. Best part, though, is the fisticuffs, which keeps traditional JRPG turns, timings etc to a minimum, instead favouring an almost beat-em-up, arcade style of combat. Which for the impatient and twitchy like me is a god-send in a game like this.

I'll be honest: I'm not going to finish this. Might not even get to the halfway point. So don't take this as a comprehensive review. It's why the word "early" is up there in the title. But from what I have played (and unless the game takes a nosedive in terms of polish and pacing later on), it's not hard seeing why so many people think Level 5 are so hot right now.


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