EA's Skate Delayed

EAskate_003.jpgFollowing in the footsteps of its demo, the launch of the full version of EA's SKATE for the 360 has been delayed by two days making the official date Friday, Sept. 14 instead of the former Wed. Sept 12. This news was posted yesterday to EA's Skate forums and over all, people don't seem to be terribly upset by the news. EA even posted a small apology to those who were anxiously awaiting the big day:

If you were planning on staying home sick on the 12th to name your first gap or if (like us) you bought a bunch of guacamole that expires on the 12th for your Skate party we send our sincerest apologies!

I think at this point we are starting to get pretty used to delays and as I and many others have said in the past (including the exalted Shigeru Miyamoto), I would rather wait a couple of extra days or even months for a fully functioning, awesome game than to get a rush job that will eventually have to be patched or in the worst case, replaced. Remember Bubble Bobble Revolution?

Official X360 ship date news update [EA Forums]


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