Eggebrecht: Wii Games Should Look Better

argh1myeyes.jpgFactor Five's Julian Eggebrecht may have taken some knocks on the chin for Lair's gameplay, but not many were complaining about the unquestionably stellar graphics of the title. And that's pretty much enough for me to name him an unquestionable authority on every platform's individual graphical nuances (and anything else necessary for this article to be extremely important). Right now, Eggebrecht's questioning an industry that's all but given up on the Wii ever making pretty games:

If you connect you can get a lot of shader effects which would've been on the 360 or the's got so much more power compared to the GameCube. If even with the extremely similar shader hardware, the system clockrate is so much higher, you can do so much more advanced things.

So why does he think games aren't looking better?

Hmmm I don't know, the hardware is very, very easy to understand. Now the problem might be -and it just might be- is that some studios -or some publishers specifically- are discarding the graphical capabilities automatically simply because it is a Wii title and they're basically telling the developers "look, we won't pay for any advanced graphics."

He admits that the Wii will have difficulty achieving photorealism, but I have a feeling that his conspiracy theory isn't so far off...if you look at certain titles.

Factor 5's Julian Eggebrecht on Wii Graphics [flamewaradvance]


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