Enrolling At Logos Academy

logosstart.jpgAs we sat in the foyer of the Austin Amerisuites awaiting the busses that would take us to Richard Garriott's home for the Tabula Rasa Logos Academy event, a scraggly looking man snuck up to the couch I sat upon and handed me what you see above. The scrawled notes were a key to unlocking the graphical code, and I quickly translated the notes. "Meet near entrance before 5:30, not after. You will journey in vehicle. You will eat. You will think. You will return after midnight." Not exactly a big secret, but other than that the assembled crowd from various segments of the gaming industry had no idea what to expect as we boarded the busses. What we got was a tour of Lord British's amazing home, food, drink, and a spectacle that had to be experienced to be believed.


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