Epic: No UT Delay, But No Guarantees Either

markreingears2.jpgMark Rein is doing a some damage control over his self-induced rumours of a possible delay for Unreal Tourment 3. But the damage control is just as open-ended as what he said to start all of our buzzing in the first place.

Nothing has changed at this point...we're working toward a November release.

Translation: No delay.

Ahh. Phew. We were worried there for a second. Wait, wait! Stop talking! Noooo!

We don't know the specific release date yet and I think it is always prudent to remind our fans that we value quality over release date. They've come to expect that from UT and we don't want them to think we're handling UT3 any differently.

Damn. Translation: "We don't think there will be a delay, but it's coming down to the wire. And we also didn't think there was life on Mars and now we up in the air about everything."

No date for Xbox 360 version [gameindustry]


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