ESRB Changed Manhunt 2 Rating, But Why?

medium_690204093_c638fb5d8f_o.jpgIs it the elephant in the room? The ESRB has changed the Manhunt 2 rating from AO to M. That's old news. But it's a decision that's uniting journalists and zealots, pro-gamers and anti-gamers alike in one respect: we want to know what was changed to get the M rating.

At this point in time, the ESRB has still not responded to anyone's request for clarification on the matter. And it's an important point because these changes dictate:1. public response 2. commercial success 3. what game ratings actually constitute

Few of us compare the ESRB to the absurdity of old Hollywood, who forced actors to kiss in bursts as to not promote lewd necking and make the world into sex addicts. But it's tough to know without seeing a list of changes on paper.

The "Manhunt" problem [mercurynews]


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