Eternal Sonata Confirmed For PS3, Swear To God

eternal_sonata_rerereconfir.jpgWith the ESRB and Namco Bandai Games all but confirming a PLAYSTATION 3 release for Eternal Sonata—also known as Trusty Bell in other parts of the world—it comes as little surprise today that Famitsu has confirmed the RPG for a PS3 release. Yes, holy crap, I know. Didn't see this one coming did you? The latest issue of the news breaking mag has screens of the PS3 version of the game, scheduled for a 2008 release.

Hopefully, this news doesn't come as too much of a shock for Namco Bandai themselves who were "not aware" of the PS3 version of the game just a few months ago and that portable defibrillators are on hand at the publisher's HQ.

Eternal Sonata also on PlayStation 3 [Jeux-France]


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