Europe Might Be Seeing A 360 HD-DVD Price Cut [Updated]

360hddvd.jpgMicrosoft cut the price of its 360 HD-DVD add-on on August 1 in the US. In Europe, though, no cut. They had to wait. As always. That long, torturous vigil may soon be over, though, with eFluxMedia reporting that a price reduction was announced at a recent German trade fair. If legit, the HD-DVD drive would drop 20 Euros to €180. Bear in mind, however, that this is still unconfirmed by Microsoft, so you might want to grab a salt shaker, pour a grain or three into the palm of your hand and lick them, gently. Microsoft Cuts The Price Of HD-DVD Unit In Europe [eFluxMedia, via Next-Gen] UPDATE: Looks like Microsoft did announce it! On Monday! But in German, and we never got the memo. We've been sent it now, though, so this is indeed official.


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