Even Milla Jovovich Doesn't Look Hot Gaming

millajowii.jpg Ten years ago, back when I was in LA working for Quentin Tarantino, I saw Milla Jovovich at Canter's at 2am. There she was, eating matzah ball soup and looking utterly stunning (while everyone in Canter's looked haggard and like a pile of dirty laundry). Whether she's singing folk music, strutting down a runway or punching zombies in the face, Jovovich is truly a beautiful person. Even with child, she is GLOWING and cute as a button. She could probably make anything look beautiful — well, almost anything. Here in a tape recording at a Capcom press conference, she plays through Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, once again proving that nobody looks good playing video games. NOBODY. Capcom Presser [IT Media]


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