Eye of Judgement, PSEye in the House


Sure I've got a retail copy of Halo 3, but I've already finished that fight and the multiplayer co-op, that can wait for a bit. The thing that made me squeal a bit in excitement was opening up a box to find an early build of Eye of Judgement complete with the new camera, stand, playing field and two packs of cards.

Not only can I not wait to play around some more with this game (remember, I do have "skills"), but I'm even more excited about totally blowing my son's mind when he sees it the first time. He's going to trip out.

The stand comes packed away in a smallish plastic bag and was fairly easy to put together, though it's not the sort of thing you're really going to way to take apart and put together over and over again. I think I would have preferred if they had made it collapsible instead of takeapartable.

The camera looks and feels pretty solid. It has a four microphone array. You can twist the lens, switching between a red and blue selection on the front of the lens. I'm not positive what this does but think it's either for switching between auto and manual focus or, more likely, between distance and close-up focus. If you couldn't tell, none of this stuff came with directions.

I can't review the game until mid-October, so you'll have to make do with what I've written about the game in the past, which is that I love it.

Eye of Judgment Online Impressions [Kotaku]


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    Is that a burnt blue ray as well... ps3 can play backups!!? heh

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