Fahey's Big Austin Adventure

austinsummedup.jpgIt was only Thursday before last that I found out I was heading to Austin for the Austin Game Developers Conference and some Tabula Rasa themed events. Since then I've taken a tonne of pictures, hung out with some industry legends, had a childhood dream come true, inadvertantly LARPed with Richard Garriott, and taken a metric asstonne of pictures. Here's a rundown of what I did on my trip to the Texas state capitol. Obligatory Picture Of A Bag Morhaime On Taking Over The World Game Writing Meets Star Trek In The Beginning Of AGDC Flight of Anti-Gravity Videos From Beyond Gravity Zero G Souvenirs Liveblogging The Dave Perry Q&A Enrolling At Logos Academy Logos Academy Swag Bag Are Microtransactions The Future of MMO Games? The Austin GDC Exhibit Hall In Pictures Post AGDC Slurpee Run


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