Famitsu Loves Halo 3

halochiefhead.jpgThe most respected gaming magazine in Japan has put Halo 3 through its paces, and the verdict is now in. Four reviewers took the game on and Bungie's latest walked away with a score of 10/9/9/9. Relatively huge scores for the game in a country where the Xbox 360 is floundering horribly. Still, I wouldn't look on this as Microsoft's great hope to finally gain ground in the country - after all, Halo 2 got the exact same score when it was released in Japan and the big black box didn't exactly become an overnight sensation. What should be interesting is seeing the U.S. reviews later this week. With numbers that high in Famitsu, I expect to see a whole bunch of perfect scores on this side of the pond, with a few of the smaller sites knocking a few points off just to be different and futz with the GameRankings average. People do love their futzing.

Halo 3 scores HIGH in Famitsu [CVG - Thanks midnightz]


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