FCC Filing Reveals New PS3 Model

ps3newfcc.jpgSeveral weeks ago we reported on the rumour that Sony would release a new model of the PS3 in time for the holidays, with a smaller, 40GB hard drive and a price point of $US 399.99. Now an FCC filing has been discovered for a new PlayStation model number, the CECHG01. While technical details and pictures are not present, the FCC report shows a diagram on pages 8 and 9, showing what had been tested on the system. As DailyTech has pointed out, the unit shows only two USB ports instead of the normal form, and no card reader is present, which could certainly indicate a trimmed down system for a trimmed down price point. We still don't have a hard disk size, though 40GB sounds like a reasonable bet. Personally I liked it better back when you bought a console and it was the same one everyone else had, but that's just me.

FCC Filing Provides Peek at New PlayStation 3 Model [DailyTech - Thanks Nick!]


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