Final Fantasy Tactics A2 Hands On

tacticsa2.jpgI kind of wanted to say "stylus on", but at least in the demo, there is no such thing—it makes no use of the touchscreen at all. Which is fine in a way, since I'm not interested in a tacked-on touchscreen gimmick. At the same time, it'd make sense on the battlefield for selecting spaces to move to or attack, since tapping the square would be much faster than fumbling with the d-pad. It's natural enough it's the first thing I tried to do, actually. That aside, the system's straight from the rest of the Tactics series, so I jumped right in without bothering to glance at the control layout. The best way to wrap the game in a neat little description is that it looks like FFT; it plays like FFT; it is Final Fantasy Tactics. Just on a DS. And that's not a bad thing.


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