Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Goes on Sale

ffpspdudes.jpg How's this for a shocker? Today, the limited edition Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core bundle went on sale in Japan. There are 77,777 of these packs which include a FFVII CC PSP, the game and some other stuff. Anyway! It went on sale, loads of people lined up (like over 300), and it "sold out." Boy, Japan sure likes its FF, just like those Americans like their Madden. And that new PSP? Sexy! Blah, blah, blah.

ffpspslim2.jpg Though, foreign people like FF, too! See that guy in the above Famitsu pic? I've met him! He seems like an alright dude, and there he is on the Famitsu front page. Almost as exciting as the time Fahey was in Famitsu. See, that's somewhat interesting even if some Final Fantasy PSP game selling out in Japan isn't.

FFCC on sale [Famitsu]


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