Finally, A New Unreal Engine Licensed FPS

end_fps.jpgEnd. The game is named End. And it's coming to a PC or Xbox 360 near you, powered by the Unreal Engine. End is being developed by Faramix Enterprises and its creators hope it will "raise the standard" with its "powerful storyline with innovative gameplay." While details—and screenshots—are scarce, we do know that End will follow the adventures of Miles and Chaz, one of whom is "haunted by his past."

Who's pumped?! Personally, I'm thrilled that we're down to three letter monosyllabic game titles now. In a field that was once dominated by dull names plastered with extensive subtitles, we're entering the era of efficient succinct game naming. I look forward to a time when game titles will be reduced to nothing but a grunt or a glance or a single pointed finger at a glass display case. How far we'll have come.

Unreal Engine 3 Powered FPS 'End' (X360/PC) Announced [Worth Playing]


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