First Look At EA's Marvel Fighter Tonight On Game Head

marvelposter.jpgCan EA Chicago's Marvel Comics character fighting game succeed where Rise of the Imperfects failed? Tonight we'll get a chance to start forming an opinion on that matter as Spike TV's Game Head runs a special segment featuring the world's first look at the game.

Smash! Boom! Plat! It's another huge Game Head World Exclusive! Tonight, EA Chicago pulls back the curtains on its new Marvel Fighting Game for the first time anywhere. See Juggernaut versus Captain America and so much more! And watch as EA puts Game Head host Geoff Keighley right in the middle of the action. From the team behind the Def Jam and Fight Night titles, EA Chicago brings massive destruction and whole hearted fun to the next generation.

Apparently they've put Keighley into the game, complete with facial mapping and voice overs. Completely not fair. Where's my custom Crecente character that an summon birds from his clothing? Hit up Spike TV's website for scheduled times near you.


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