To: Ash From: Crecente Re: Ore vs. Boku FIGHT!!

Just like clockwork: I get back from a trip overseas and I get sick. I thought for sure it wouldn't happen this time because I was fine On Monday and Tuesday. But come Wednesday, and a day off, and I woke up sick. Trish and I were going to bike to Denver and back (about 32 miles round trip), but instead I spent the day trying not to fall asleep and sort of moping around the house.

Oh, Tristan LOVED the stuffed Pokemon I brought back from Japan for him. You weren't there when we hit up the Kiddyland in Tokyo, but they had this mammoth Pokemon display set up with a bunch of oversized stuffed Pokemon that I've never seen for sale in the U.S. I ended up buying him a big Diagala (I've only seen the small ones here) after consulting Mark. Not sure why I consulted Mark since he neither has children nor plays Pokemon, but Tristan hasn't let go of his Diagala since I gave it to him.

Of course I lied and said it was my idea to get it for him. In fact, I went out of my way to say that Mark had suggested I buy him something awful like a can of Japanese Brussel Sprouts because... well because, that's how I roll.

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