Folklore: Capturing Id

The demo for Folklore came out while I was at PAX last weekend so and I haven't gotten a chance to sit down with it yet. Luckily on one of my early press arrival days I slipped over to the Sony booth to check it out and it is a really beautiful game. When I talked to the Sony rep about it he told me that they didn't have the same kind of advertising budget on all their games and that unfortunately, Folklore was flying under the radar a bit. It really is a shame because it seems (from the little bit that I played) to be a pretty cool game. This video shows off the capturing of the Id which is essentially stealing the powers from the Folk and using them for your own. The capturing is done using the Sixaxis to wrestle the Id out of the enemies with bigger creatures requiring a bit more tugging and pulling. Make the jump to check out a couple more videos including a comic book style cut scene and a battle using the Id in to bring a big boss down.


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