Four New BioShock Plasmids Coming?

curious.gif People are curious. We poke at shit, it's what we do. That goes double for internet types, and double double for internet gaming types, who simply will not rest until they've scrounged through every last line of code in a new game, looking for hidden secrets and spoiling PR and marketing parties the world over. Take BioShock, for example. Some cats have gone through the code of the PC version and found reference to four new plasmids, which form part of a "Downloadable content anouncement". The four plasmids are "Machine Buster", "Vending Expert", "Sonic Boom" and "EVE Saver". Vending Expert sounds handy, but Sonic Boom? Sounds like plain old-fashioned good times. Why you have not seen an editor - Theory [2K Forums, thanks MDawg!]


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