Free Halo 3 Wallpaper On LIVE (Costs Your Soul)

halo3new07032.JPGIn a Best Buy promotional event, Microsoft is offering Halo 3 gamer pictures along with one theme for free for a "limited time." Here's our five second review:In our test drive, the three gamer pics are pretty decent including an especially notable Master Chief profile. And you get the Best Buy logo as a cherry on top, which in itself is worth your time.

The theme has some really fantastic shots of Master Chief even if some of his incarnations look familiar. The logopalooza isn't too bad on what is essentially a couple of free wallpapers, other than one page featuring double sponsorship.

So they're worth a download, but simultaneously depress us when Sony allows more open customisation of their XMB (as well as Microsoft itself does on PCs). We shouldn't need a separate PC to interface with the Xbox to implement a gimped single background. The year is 2007 and we're getting excited about free wallpaper promoting a product we will buy but is also laden with sponsors? Fuck it. I'm deleting this crap. And then I'm heading to Best Buy to reserve a copy of Halo 3!

If you do download the theme, know that it's categorized under "Best Buy" and not "Halo 3." Halo 3 (Best Buy) Picture Pack and Theme [majornelson]


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