GameStop Employees Fear Halo 3 Box Tape

gamestoplogo.gifAs with any really huge game release, GameStop stores around the country are already receiving their truckloads of Halo 3 to be ready for the big launch day. Unlike other huge game releases, however, GameStop employees will not be able to rip open the boxes of Halo goodness and lick them, bring them home to play early, or take photos of themselves sticking the case down their pants. GameStop corporate has distributed an email warning that any employees who so much as nick the packing tape on a Halo 3 case will be fired on the stop. It covers employees from game advisors on up to district managers, and even accidental openings are grounds for termination. I can only assume this will be enforced via surprise inspections, possibly involving jackbooted stormtroopers.

GameStop getting strict with Halo 3! [Rated-M]


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