GameWorld Exhibition Gets An Expansion

flowred.jpg The GameWorld exhibition, and on-going installation at Laboral in Gijon, Spain, has gotten an 'expansion pack' called Playware, which will add more "more experimental commercial games, individual-produced games and installations." I love the fact that games are moving into the hallowed halls of art museums, and it's cool to see not just the high-flown, deliberately arty games getting recognition:

Multiplayer Digital Art Installations:

Bump (Assocreation), Freqtric Project (Tetsuaki Baba), Iamascop (Sidney Fels), Jam-o-Drum CircleMaze (Clifton Forlines & Tina Blaine), Metafield Maze (Bill Keays), Perfect Time (h.o), PingPongPlus (Hiroshi Ishii & Members of the Tangible Media Group), Reactable (Sergi Jordà & Grupo de Tecnología Musical de la Universitat Pompeu Fabra), Small Fish (Masaki Fujihata, Wolfgang Münch, Kiyoshi Furukawa), Tug of War (Ars Electronica FutureLab)

Art Games:

Armadillo Run (Peter Stock), Electroplankton (Toshio Iwai), flOw (thatgamecompany), Golf? (Chronic Logic, Detective Brand), Line Rider (Boštjan Cadež), LocoRoco (Tsutomu Kuono), mono (Binary Zoo), Neon (Jeff Minter), Okami (Clover Studios), Rez (United Game Artists), Shift (Max McGuire), Toribash (Hampa Söderström), vib-ribbon (NanaOn-Sha)

There have been some really interesting game-related exhibitions cropping up as of late - I don't think we'll ever see We Love Katamari sharing space with the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, but this is one form of 'modern art' I will cheerfully go see.

LABoral Centro de Arte y Creacion Industrial - GAMEWORLD EXPANSION PACK: PLAYWARE [via Grand Text Auto]


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